Recent Posts – Fall 2017



Chord Step- 12x12x2in.  wood,wire,acrylic transfer


Hole Punch- 11x9x.5in. cedar, canvas and acrylic transfer


RIX- 42x36in. ink and acrylic transfer on masonite


Synesthesia- 23.5x32x.5in acrylic transfer on burlap


Grand Event- 23.5x17in. acrylic transfer on canvas



untitled (barrel band) – 22x16x2in. iron,string,tape and paint

untitled (two springs) 6x13x3in. iron springs, burnt cedar and paint

untitled (ralston crawford) – 4x6x7in. laminated fir, plaster and paint


untitled (two of three table legs) 10x11x2in.  painted oak



EVB – 60x53in.  acrylic transfer on canvas

Harrington- 68×72 in.  acrylic transfer on canvas

Yellow Drop- 15x9x2in acrylic transfer on wood plank


Yellow and Red at the Same Time -15x14x.5in. acrylic transfer on cedar, charred wood and paint



Four Points-11x7x3in. acrylic transfer and paint on wood

Spin- 11x11x.5 in.  acrylic transfer on cedar.